Volumn 53 Bulletin 5

Meets Thursdays at 6pm for 6.30pm

Heritage Court House, Moore St. Rochester

Apologies to Heather by noon, Wednesday for catering.



                                                                                                                                          3 August Meeting 2017

Next Meeting: 10th August when we will be filling the FARSE showbags

Pres. Bryan welcomed Debbie Bish, Rtns. Heather, Gay, Jenny, Noel L and Graeme and Rotary Partners Robyn & Jeanette.                                               Apologies were received from Rtn. Noel S who is still recovering from a stay in hospital. We all wish you a speedy recovery, Noel.

August – Membership and New Club Development Month

– a time to focus on Rotary’s continuing need for growth, to seek new members and form new clubs.

Murals: Sec. Heather has contacted the Mural Committee and several sites have been suggested for the placement of the murals. Rotary Park, Lions Park – Campaspe Street and the wall of the filtration shed at the swimming pool are all being investigated.

ROADEC: Sec. Heather reported on the meeting that took place during the week in order to discuss the best way to take ROADEC into the future. During a phone link-up with Cheryl Driscoll, VicRoads, the Roadsafe Program that is currently being trialled in schools was explained. Cheryl indicated that VicRoads is looking at the Elmore site to use for the practical component of the course.

Letters are to be sent to Councils of Secondary Schools giving them information about ROADEC.

Over the past weeks Simon Pearson has contacted several schools within the Loddon Police District and remains puzzled as to why the opportunity to send students to ROADEC is not wholeheartedly embraced.



Pres. Bryan overseeing                                                                                                          the last of the labels task.






Labels were attached to 800 + Showbagss in preparation for the Farm and Road Safty Expo to be held on  Tuesday 15th August.

Keep these dates free: Saturday 11th Nov., Saturday 9th Dec. BBQ at Coles.

Quilt Show – 25th & 26th November when Jenny & Megan Weeks will be exhibiting some of their handcrafts in the Court House

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