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2015 – 2016





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Rotary Club of Rochester

2015 – 2016

Board Members


                                  President                                                   Noel Lucas

                          President Elect                                                  Bryan Griffiths

                                   Secretary                                                   Heather Watson

                                   Treasurer                                                   Russell Anderson

                              Club Service                                                   Russell Anderson

                  Community Service                                                   Graeme Nelson

                            Youth Service                                                   Noel Schier

                                 Vocational                                                    Ray Lewis

                              International                                                   Stewart McDonald

                                 Foundation                                                   Bryan Griffiths

9800 District Governor 2015-2016 Julie Mason

9800 Assistant DG 20015-2016 Greg Noonan




2015 – 2016 Club Presidents Report.

 My year as President has been a challenging period for myself and in particular for the Rotary Club of Rochester.

On reviewing the 15/16-year period I am confident that as a small membership Club we have achieved a level of success that complements the commitment of our nine members.

Membership increased by one during this Rotary Year with the induction of a former Rotary member Gay Loftus. Membership or the lack of is the most critical challenge impacting on our club.

We applied for and were successful in obtaining a  $2500 Foundation Community Grant that was expended in the construction of the Disabled entry ramps and hand rails access to our “Rotary Home” Heritage Court House.

The access work completed in February was the last item on the original building permit for the Heritage Court House Restoration project. Internal and external painting will require a number of “Rotarians at work” sessions to complete the project.

We provided scholarships to the three Rochester education centres and in the International sphere we continued  to support two students at the Bundang Salvation Army Girls Home in Indonesia through “Empowering Indonesian Children For A Brighter Future” a RAWCS program initiated by RC of Southport

Members volunteered their time to support the MOW roster throughout the year and gate duty in February in support of the Show Society at their annual event.

For the 17th year a successful Farm and Road Safety Expo was held at the Recreation reserve under the Chairmanship of PP Graeme Nelson.                                                                                                                                      Following this year’s event Graeme expressed a wish to relinquish his Chairmanship of the event.                                 A decision has been taken to administer and run the event entirely from within the club and dispense with the external paid secretarial service.

In continuing our clubs support of the Schools Recycling Project, delivery runs were made to DIK with education materials and medical goods provided by the Campaspe East Timor Friendship group.

During the year we have set aside several of our normal meeting nights to enable members to join with and support other groups.

In September we joined the RC Echuca Moama to meet participants who were preparing for their World of Difference Tour to Cambodia.                                                                                                                                                        RCR President Elect Bryan Griffiths was a member of the tour group, club members being kept informed on his experience through his Facebook entries.

Rotary Club Echuca Moama Steam Horse and Vintage Rally was again supported by our club during the Queen’s Birthday weekend.                                                                                                                                                                               A further longstanding commitment is to the Annual Elmore Field Days event providing Escort duties for machinery to the demonstration paddocks.

For the pre-Christmas function, our members and partners chose to celebrate the event one sunny afternoon at Jaengenga Function Centre, Torrumbary.

The Rochester Planning Group hosted an informal evening to facilitate networking opportunities between Rochester Community Groups and Organisations. Our club members supported the function in lieu of our weekly meeting

I feel the highlight of the year was the clubs hosting of the Group Vocational Exchange, a very pleasant & entertaining group of young people led by a dynamic leader, Marie Jane (Jeng) Liban.

Our thanks to Campaspe Shire Mayor Leigh Wilson, Community Development Officer, Jenny Turner, Rochester Secondary College, Echuca Special School, Ash McGrath from Coliban Water and Rebecca Ash for ensuring that all members of the team experienced placements that had relevance to their professional lives

During this year’s Rochester Mural Festival artists were again able to store paint and supplies in our ‘garden shed’ while Devonshire Teas were served from the Court House. Rotarians and Partners with assistance of CWA members provided the service during the five days of the Festival. Assistance was also provided to the Festival in preparing the mural painting stands.                                                                                                                                                             Book sales were held in conjunction with the refreshment sales.

Two paintings from the Mural Fest have been donated to the Rotary Club of Rochester through the generosity of Mr. Paul Wheelton. The Club is most appreciative of Paul’s generous contribution to Rotary Club of Rochester and hence to the Rochester community.

In conclusion I thank Secretary Heather for the advice, support and the commitment to the office of secretary.     To members for their support and more importantly their contributions to the clubs efforts in maintaining the values of Rotary, thank you.

For my continued sanity I thank Robyn for her unfailing support without which I could not have successfully survived the last Rotary year.

I look forward to the coming year and wish President Elect Bryan and his team a successful term in the ever changing Rotary world.

Noel Lucas

President, PHF

Rotary Club of Rochester Inc.

Club Service Report 2015 – 2016

 With our weekly meeting being held in the restored Historic Court House “home” after meeting fellowship has increased greatly.

Members tend to stay after meetings much longer to chew over many topics while enjoying their Tea / coffee and frequently a bottle of wine brought along to share.

The new kitchen facilities and the provision of quality meals by a caterer have added to the relaxed atmosphere.

Weekly Program:

Through out the year we have set aside several of meetings to meet with and support other organisations.        Guest speakers have included PP. Russell – The Canning Stock Rout experience, Jenny Musty – Lets Read program Developed by the Murdoch Children’s Foundation, Ken Maxwell – Camp Getaway History, Alan Darbyshire – Rochester Business Network, Nerida Dye Shire of Campaspe, Topic Volunteers, Veronica Groat – Strathallan Land Care Group / squirrel gliders along the Campaspe River, Jo Fairbairn and her team from Kidney Health Australia.  Jo told of the story of The Big Red Kidney bus.   Many general topic sessions have been experienced in fellowship after the general meeting matters


In a small membership club maintaining the Club Web and weekly bulletin is a constant burden. With limited web page knowledge, use and limited time, the page never quite excels.                                                                                    The bulletin survives because of the valued support of Rotarian partner Robyn Lucas.                                           Facebook is being increasingly used for the club through the efforts of President Elect Bryan Griffiths and Rotarian partner Robyn Lucas.


During the year our club had functions seeking new members. There have been follow up approaches without success.  Further approaches have been made to other persons. All are most willing to assist Rotary with our endeavors but do not wish belong to an organisation.                                                                                                 Membership or the lack of it is a most pressing problem for our club.

Club Service Director Russell Anderson was granted extended leave of absence in October following the sale of his business. No doubt Russell and wife Jenny are enjoying their time in WA.                                                                      During the absence of Director Russell Club Service has been a collective effort of all members.

Report for and on Behalf of

Club Service Director.

P.P. Russell Anderson

International Service Report 2015 – 2016

 The Rotary Year for 2016 saw the Rochester Club follow the disasters in Nepal, Fiji and Vanuatu. Whilst we were not called upon to participate in the recovery the Rochester Rotary club was ready to help if needed.

As it turned out our main focus came late in the year when we were able to host the group vocational team from the Philippines. Five young representatives spent an interesting week in and around Rochester working with and learning from our host employers both in Rochester and Echuca.

Team leader Jeng Ignatio, a very accomplished person and representative of the Philippines Rotary Club went to the community adult education in Echuca and was well received by the students she taught.

Karen Reside, had probably the most interesting experience at the Shire of Campaspe where she participated at all levels of the running of the Shire and visiting all the towns in the Shire. A totally different experience compared to her daily occupation in the Philippines as a member of the Parliamentary presidents workforce.

John Lou, went to the Rochester Secondary College and participated in the science classes where he commented on the facilities and class numbers that the students of Rochester have at their disposal; 15 to 20 students as against his class size of 70 students in the Philippines.

Jeremy Rodregez, the self proclaimed cute one, and speech pathologist spent time at the Echuca special school and with former Rotary Volunteer in Cambodia, Rebecca Amy exchanging information and learning Rebecca’s technique on infant speech.

The fifth member of the team, Gracia Diao, spent her time with the Rochester and Echuca waste water management team exchanging ideas and discussing the differences between the two countries.

Some of the activities they attended on the social side were a welcome dinner at Rotarian Heather Watson’s, a joint Rochester and Echuca Rotary meeting where the guests gave a joint presentation and exchanged gifts with club presidents. On the free days they visited the paddle boats, Kyabram Fauna park, Dairy farms, Tomato harvesting, cattle auctions, photographing milking camels and attended the Rochester Mural Festival.

The Rotary Club of Rochester is very thankful to the organisations that participated and made this exchange so worthwhile. The Rotary Club takes this opportunity to once again thank those that went out of their way to help us. To the five young people from the Philippines I would like to have recorded that they were some of the nicest people that Rochester has hosted and we look forward to meeting with them and hearing of their achievements in the future.

We were lucky enough to socialise with them and each and everyone of them was a credit to their family, their community and their country. Thank you to the hosts in Rochester for taking a week out of their time to look after our guests.

Rochester Rotary Club always enjoys our international visitors and looks forward to hosting again in the future. We make one comment that will help a exchange in the future and that is the coordinators here in Australia must be better organised so that the tours work more efficiently. A minor request but a major help in making these exchanges beneficial to all.

Once again Thank You to everyone involved!

PP. Stewart McDonald

International Director

Rotary Club of Rochester Inc.

Community Service Report

2015 – 2016

 Well here we are again another twelve months have passed and you wonder where the time went.

The Rotary Club of Rochester Community Services embraces the ROADEC, Community Bus, FARSE and Court House Restoration project. Each of these projects has a separate report covering their year’s outcome.

 A community evening was held for the public to show case The Big Red Kidney Bus Project.  Presented by Jo Fairbairn of Kidney Health Australia it gave an insight into this bus, set up as a mobile dialyses unit. This allows people requiring dialyses to go on holidays as the Dialyses bus can be booked to stay at a holiday destination for up to a fortnight to service the patients dialyses needs.

The very important Meals On Wheels service is supported by our members doing roster duty four to five times a year. Further Volunteer service is provided by members working at gate duty in support of the Show Society at their annual event. There would be very, very few times in the past 51 year history of our club that we have not been available to carry out this task.

A donation of $50 to the Strathallan Land Care group was given for the making of five hutch boxes to support the squirrel glider population an the Campaspe River. President Noel subsequently meet with several members of the land Care Group and seven of the primary school students when the hutch boxes were affixed in trees west of the primary school.

Probus Clubs of Rochester and Ouyen were welcomed to an afternoon tea gathering followed by an inspection of the Court House Restoration. All were very impressed with restoration and many questions were asked and answered.

A donation of books made to the Echuca Campaspe College Library was much appreciated, as was a donation of $100.

President Noel attended the 50 year celebration luncheon of the Rochester Senior citizens Club. President  Noel reported this was a pleasant experience being the holder of two of the many lucky tickets drawn.

Members assisted at the presentation of the RSL ANZAC service as we have done for a number of years.

Several members delivered boxed up Schools Recycling materials and surgical medical items to DIK Melbourne store. This was our clubs effort to enable a Timor Leste Friendship group to deliver the boxed items to DIK.

While there the members embraced the opportunity to spend several hours in sorting and packing goods before returning home,

PP Graeme Nelson

Community Service Director

Rotary Club of Rochester Inc.

Community Service Bus Report

2015 – 2016

 The bus is still getting plenty of use and also getting more patronage each year, which is great.                                                                                                                                                                               There was one mishap during the year with the bus being involved in a crash with a Kangaroo doing quite a bit of damage however it only put the bus out of action for 10 days. It’s now back on the road looking as good as new.

I’m sure there are a huge amount of vehicles that have hit Kangaroo’s as there are large numbers on the roads at present.

The pictures on the bus are starting to show some signs of deterioration  due to the weather but hopefully we should be able to start building a shed for it in the next few weeks

PP. Graeme Nelson

Chairman CSB.

Rotary Club of Rochester Inc.

ROADEC  Report

2014 – 2015

 ROADEC has had another year with a reasonable amount of patronage but we need to generate a lot more as we have the complex and the program that is of great value to the youth no matter where they come from.

We lost one of our trainers this year (shifted to Queensland) however we have gained two more well trained and enthusiastic people who will be able to fill that place and will give us some back up if one or more is unable to be there for class days.  I travelled to a number of clubs to do presentations for ROADEC including one outside District 9800 and have had some feed back as to them sponsoring the schools in their area.                                                                                                                               I thank the Rotary Club of Kangaroo Flat for their effort in putting together a group of students and also sponsoring them.

There is a great need for the education of those that are starting to drive on the roads by themselves for the first time. One only needs to look at the statistics to see the death and trauma that is happening.

PP. Graeme Nelson

Chairman ROADEC.

Rotary Club of Rochester Inc.

Foundation Report. 2015-2016.

Foundation Mission.                                                                                                                                  The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education and the alleviation of poverty.

At the commencement of the 2015-2016 Rotary Year, John Kenny chairman of the trustees for the Rotary Foundation announced five Foundation goals for the forthcoming Rotary Year.

  • To continue to work towards the elimination of Polio.
  • To support Rotary’s own and only Charity – The Rotary Foundation- though our continued giving.
  • To ensure the progress of our new grants.
  • To foster world understanding, goodwill and peace by promoting and publishing the Rotary Peace centres program.
  • To emphasize that the future health of the Foundation is in all our hands.

With these Goals in mind, members of the Rotary Club of Rochester approached the year, now in review, with an open mind as to what assistance could be given to assisting the work of Rotary International to achieve the above stated Goals.

To continue the support of the work by Rotary Foundation in the elimination of polio in the world, a media release was complied and submitted to the local newspaper for publication in the form of continuing to maintain community awareness of the need to never have the Polio virus return to this country, along with supplying information portraying to the success of reducing reported cases of Polio virus to single digit figures.                         A huge accolade to the work of worldwide volunteers, to achieve this result.

With no recent outbreaks reported, only two countries still have a polio endemic- Afghanistan and Pakistan. As at the 6th April 2016, there were only nine reported cases between these two countries.

As part of raising Community Awareness, of End Polio Now publicity campaign was launched encouraging community   members to paint a pinkie purple.

Members of Rotary Club of Rochester participated in this event at a weekly Dinner meeting in   October.            Pictorial evidence was taken and stored for media use as part of Club activities, along with being posted on the Club Face book page.

On Monday 14th.October, the country session of District 9800 Foundation Grants awareness seminar was conducted at Gateway Park, Kangaroo Flat, this being the Clubrooms of Rotary Club of Kangaroo Flat. Club members President Noel Lucas along with Vocation Director Ray Lewis were able to attend this event. Thank you for your attendance and support.

Further to assisting End Polio Now, A Fund raising film night featuring Tom Hanks in Bridge of Spies was made available at a pre release night on Wednesday   October 21, Australia wide.

Australian Rotary Clubs raised $200k last year at film nights supporting this mighty project.

Combined Goldfields Cluster conducted the Annual Foundation Dinner at the Platinum Room at the Foundry Arms Hotel in Bendigo on Thursday 26th November 2015.

* Guest speaker was Ambassadorial Scholar Stephanie Woollard, speaking on her work with “Seven Women” in the country of Nepal.

Reports from this event were very favourable as the success of the function. Unfortunately due to time restraints and travel logistics, no Club member was able to attend.

November – Foundation Month.                                                                                                              The staging of the Annual Rotary Foundation Paul Harris Breakfast on Tuesday 24th November, at the RACV Club Melbourne, conducted by the Rotary Club of Melbourne Central Sunrise, was another event relevant members were unable to attend for similar reasons, time and travel.

* In May 1956, Rotary International Board designated the week of November 15, as Rotary Foundation week. In 1982 this was expanded to encompass the month of November.

* Rotary Club of Rochester made a donation of $50 per member (total $450) to Rotary Foundation this Rotary year.

* In 1985 Rotary’s Polio Plus program was born.

Polio still has not being eradicated completely from the world, but we remain hopeful that work will continue to further reduce outbreaks of this disease in countries still affected.                                                                                         A problem that goes without saying that we never wish to have occurred again at any point of time or location in Australia.

Foundation:  Facts.                                                                                                                                February 23rd 2016.                                                                                                                                                                         This date celebrated one hundred and eleven years since the birth of Rotary International.

Commencing with a gathering of four business people after work, growing into an international organisation with 1,222,993 members in 35,128 clubs in 535 Districts throughout 220 countries throughout the world.   (Ref> RDU – March 2015).

The coming Rotary year of 2016-2017 will mark the centennial year since Foundation that we know of today commenced.

The achievements of Foundation will be a highlight of events of 2017 International Convention to be held in Atlanta Georgia, 10-14June 2017.

Commencing at International Convention in 1917, under the leadership of Arch Klumph, the first donation to Foundation, (originally known as the Endowment Fund) comprising the sum of $26.50, has now grown into $3 billion.

As part of events at District 9800 2016 Conference, President Noel Lucas, along with Foundation Director Bryan Griffiths attended the Foundation Breakfast whilst attending annual Conference. This was held in Bendigo over the weekend of 11/ 13 March 2016.

A very comprehensive book detailing 100 years of “Foundation, Doing Good in the World,” is available via Rotary Down Under merchandise sales.

A very successful visit to District 9800 by members of the Group Vocational Team from District 3800, Philippines, has recently concluded. This taking place in February / March leading up to District 9800 Conference, held in Bendigo 12-13 March 2016.

A big thanks you to members and partners, who arranged and contributed to this visit whilst Rotary Club of Rochester hosted the team. It is envisaged that future GVE visits to District will be arranged under the avenue of Vocational Service.

A fundraiser to further assist the financial commitment of funding the ongoing End Polio Now campaign became available nationwide in April 2016.                                                                                                                                              Premiere of the film ‘Eddie the Eagle’  – Commencing April 23, Rotarians and supporters were given the opportunity to attend a pre-release film night at selected venues throughout Australia.                                               Seven members, partners and friends attended the premiere of this film held at the Paramount Theatre Echuca, on Sunday April 17 hosted by Rotary Clubs of Deniliquin and Echuca Moama.  Proceeds of the day going to ongoing funding required for End Polio Now.

Discussions are currently in progress as to a major world project for Rotary International to commit to in coming years, following the success of End Polio Now.

Having noted the need for a project of significance to follow on the work of Polio eradication, perhaps in the form of water and sanitation improvements, we should never allow ourselves to forget-

* End Polio Now is a World Wide project that can never be allowed to completely be discontinued, for some generations to come.

Rotary Club of Rochester looks forward to continuing the work of Rotary Foundation, benefiting the Community and greater community.

In the coming 12 months as we acknowledge and celebrate 100 years of “Foundation Doing Good in the World,” it is hoped that we can have a community based activity to showcase how importance the work of “Foundation” is to people everywhere in all walks and facets of everyday life.

“Friendship was the foundation rock on which Rotary was built and tolerance is the element which holds it together”

Paul Harris.

Bryan Griffiths.

Foundation Director, 2015-2016.        “Be a Gift to the World”

Rotary Club of Rochester Inc.




The Heritage Court House is now our home and the meeting place for our weekly meetings.

With the major restoration works of the building underpinning, roof refurbishment and floor replacement completed, the instillation contract for the kitchen was let in June of 2015 and completed in September.

The connection of the gas service to the address proved to be nightmare taking some ten weeks to finally have it sorted out and connection completed in mid January.

After some hold ups the final work in constructing the Disabled Entry Ramps and handrails was completed in February 2016. We thank Brett Wileman of Temptation Living  and Landscapes  for his generosity in giving his time in removing excess soil and rubble from the completed entry worksite.

These contracts were the last items on the original restoration building permits. There still remains several items to be addressed, the front veranda repairs, spouting at the rear of the building and internal / external painting.

I am pleased to report that we have had a number of organisations that have used the facilities, one having now taken up a permanent booking on a monthly basis.

We will continue to promote the building and its facilities for community use.

Noel Lucas


Rotary Club Of Rochester Inc


 We held our Farm and Road Safety Expo which was again a great success. It has been running for some seventeen years now and it is getting harder to attract new participants as some have chosen not to commit or simply don’t have the money to do so. However we still managed to present the Expo this year.

Attracting sponsors has not been easy as a many companies seem to be cutting back on sponsorship due to the present economic climate and it also appears lack of government money for some government departments is having an impact.

Graeme Nelson

FARSE Chairman

Rotary Club of Rochester Inc.

Karen Hughes Secretary’s report for 2015 FARSE

This year’s Expo was attended by 14 schools – Colbinabbin PS, East Loddon P-12, Echuca Specialist, Echuca West PS, Harston PS, Leitchville PS, Lockington Consolidated PS, Nanneella Estate PS, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart PS (Elmore), River City Christian College (Echuca), Rochester PS, Rochester SC, St Joseph’s PS (Rochester) and Stanhope PS  –  601 students plus teachers and parent helpers.

Exhibitors attending were Victoria Police, CFA, SES, Lifesaving Vic, Great Aussie Bush Show, Energy Safe Vic, St John Ambulance, Rochester Pony Club, REDHS, Echuca Vintage Machinery Club, Murray Goulburn, Fonterra Australia, Bunnings Warehouse, John Coghill, Maritime Safety Vic and VicRoads

Ambulance Victoria was an apology as their presenter was ill.  Roadsafe Vic was a no show with on explanation.

All Exhibitors I spoke to were happy with the day.  First time attendees Bunnings, Vic Roads and Maritime Safety Vic are keen to be involved in future Expo’s.

The School Crossing Supervisor was happy with the crossing inside the grounds but would like it moved a bit further in next year so students can line up completely off the sealed road.

This was the last year the Great Aussie Bush Show will attend as the business is being sold.

All teachers I spoke to were happy with the day.

Sponsors this year were; Shire of Campaspe $1,300, Elmore Fields Days $500, VicRoads$500 & Energy Safe Victoria $500.  Coliban Water provided their water trailer which they consider worth $500 inkind sponsorship.

The Expo was advertised in the Campaspe News, flyers were delivered to all residences in town and posters were displayed in businesses around town.   KLFM radio Bendigo also promoted the Expo.

Showbags were not given this year as material has become almost impossible to obtain.  Previous suppliers now don’t have the resources to supply material, especially in the quantities we require.   Most are happy for us to download their material and photocopy it, which we don’t have the resources to do.

BBQ’s manned by Lions Club and A & P Society.  Didn’t need the Probus BBQ but Probus volunteers were happy to help with set up and deliver drinks & sausages to exhibitors and are keen to do the same next year.

Feedback forms were handed out but only 3 returned – Energy Safe, Life Saving & REDHS.All happy with the day, but REHDS would like to see students have more time at the Expo and possibly hold it every second year as some students appeared to have the attitude of been there, done that.

– These students are probably from Rochester Primary who send the entire school every year with each class attending for only 1-2 hours.

District Governor Julie Mason was an apology on the day – too many other events to attend on the day.

No accidents/incidents were reported from the day.  Safety Officer Leon Scott reported all was in order around the site. Overall, another successful Expo was enjoyed by all who attended.

End Of Report

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