Artist – Sonja Else

Sonja Else

Textile Artist, Quilter and Pattern Designer Rochester

“Backyard Buddies”
Cotton, silk, paratex, inktense pencils

“For six weeks only, the Monarch butterfly makes its appearance in Australian backyards. After a week of loss and grieving, we discovered that our backyard had been taken over by caterpillars. Soon enough our Milkweed plant and garden became a playground for many Monarch butterflies.

I became fascinated with the transformation process – from caterpillar, to chrysalis and then a beautiful Monarch butterfly. For, me, the Monarch butterfly became a symbol of hope at a time of uncertainty as the world struggled to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic, and Australia entered the primary stages of lockdown”


“Relaxing Day”
Silk ,velvet, wool/acrylic fibres, nylon, cotton, powertex.

My sewing journey began when I was young making Barbie doll clothes and then cross stitch embroidery. In my teenage years I taught myself all of the intricacies of dress-making. Over time I refined my textile skills and using traditional methods began making quilts. I found my true passion after participating in a free motion quilting and art quilt workshop.

These days you will find me either exploring the world of textile art, designing patterns for others to try, or free motion quilting. I love the creative process, from finding inspiration through nature, to exploring different fibres to create texture and bring my work to life with 3D effects, and love to play with colour by dyeing natural fabrics and fibres.

I am stimulated by the world we live in and aim to spread joy through creating and sharing my artwork with the community.” 


“Test Pattern 2020”
Cotton, hessian

“The TV test pattern is symbolic memory from my childhood. As the digital world grows at a rapid rate, I find myself looking to nature in order to find peace. I have a strong appreciation for the days when life was simple and a little less overwhelming, when we enjoyed all of the simple pleasures that life has to offer”


“Resting Place”
Cotton, variegated thread, powertex, acrylic paint, inktense pencils

“Making time for simple pleasures that we seem to forget to enjoy.”


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